Affiliate marketing strategies

Get more visitors with backlinks and Video

Writing articles is a the best way way to attract people to your website and to get backlinks to your website. People are looking for information and a good way to drive visitors to your site is that you in your articles invite people to visit your website for more information.

You will get more one way backlinks to your website. With backlinks you increase your search engine ranking and get more traffic to your website. Of course you also have to optimize your website for the search engines but getting backlinks is also very important for your website.

Write a short version to publish on article sites and make a longer version for your own website. Make sure they’re not exactly the same, otherwise google could de-rank you for publishing duplicate content.

Search engines like Google love new updates on your website. The more often you publish an article on your site, the higher ranking you get in Google. Sure, it takes time / month but eventually you will see the results.

Yahoo, Google, Bing, Wikipedia, etc. are always looking for fresh and good content on your website to match words and phrases people are searching for. But you also have to remember to not repeat the same words over and over again. The search engines can punish your website for that and give you bad ranking.

If you sell some products or are in some other business like affiliate marketing you absolutely want to get as many people visiting your website as possible. Of course you can pay for ads in Bing, Yahoo and Google but that will cost you a lot of money to only do that.

Video to drive traffic

As a complement, write articles, create a video about you site and post it to Youtube and other video sites. To post videos also drive traffic to your site. Just try to make the movies interesting and people will see them, get curious and visit your website.

There are so many other ways to get traffic but to optimize your website, write articles, getting backlinks and to make videos you are on the way to the top of the search engines.

I hope you find my article useful. There’s really no easy and free way to get people to come to your site without some work. To do a little bit of everything is the best way to get visitors to your website. However, there are some sites that distribute your unique articles to hundreds of sites.

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