Affiliate Marketing Programs

Finding the best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Finding good affiliate marketing programs to signup to “is only one” of the key elements behind every successful affiliate marketer online.

In theory, anyone can come online and signup to affiliate marketing programs and start earning affiliate marketing money. However, in reality, only 5% make it to supper affiliate status, 10 -20% will gain a good income, and the rest will get by on the leftovers or never make a penny.

When you join any affiliate marketing program, you are committing to an unbinding contract to promote that particular companies’ brand of products, online or off-line by way of a personalized website link. Your individualized link ensures you get paid for any sales you make from consumers who buy the product(s).

Your personalized link can be used in off-line advertisements just the same as publishing it a round the web. However, it’s a good point to note that, using your affiliate link off-line is best used in a redirect method. ( How and why I will explain in a future article ).

The groundwork

Finding good affiliate marketing programs starts with a good amount of research on your part. Not all affiliate programs are created equal. Independent programs avoid of any involvement of affiliate networks,  I.e. Run in house by retailers can require you to make a certain value of sales before paying your commissions owed to you. Make sure you are happy with the affiliate agreement before you start promoting their products.

  • What’s your commission percentage?
  • Will off-line advertising work for their products?
  • What are the costs involved in online and off-line advertising be?
  • What will your return-on-investment be?

Furthermore, the products themselves need to be researched… How hungry is the market for the product?

“49% of men said that wearing a pair of lovely shoes makes them feel great”

Source: Consumer Analysis Ltd

Knowing something about affiliate marketing programs that others don’t gives you a big advantage in the marketplace and separates you from the wannabe our there.

The fact is there are no ” affiliate marketing programs” that are going to make you a shed load of money without the human factor. The human factor that will play a part in that, is yourself. You need to learn how to play the game better than the others who play alongside you. You need to know “when, where and how to put the right product in front of the right crowd of people” In reality, the only way you will learn that is to educate yourself with good affiliate marketing coaching courses…

It really saddens me when I read stuff on the internet how people pay time and time again to learn this stuff and fail to make a full time living or even a penny out of it.

Why people fail

Truth is they just don’t grasp it or treat it like a full-time job, career or business.

The real truth is you need to do just that, you need to treat it like a job and learn it inside-out and do stuff in the right order.

Signing up to what looks like some good affiliate marketing program is just the tip of the iceberg. The real meat and potatoes you don’t see until you start and dig down and grasp the real size of the opportunity on offer.

Example: Take such iceberg and tow it to a sun saturated beach packed with overheated tourists. Offer them a glass of unpolluted fresh 30,000 + year-old  ice gold water for $1. You have now found yourself, a fantastic product and the people who wants to buy it.

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