Affiliate marketing for beginners

6 Affiliate Marketing Tips

Did you just start with affiliate marketing or you have been working with affiliate marketing and didn’t make a lot of money yet? Here are ten affiliate marketing tips that will help you to maximize the revenue from affiliate marketing.

With a lot of internet money making businesses people often think it is easy money, but I can tell you right away affiliate marketing is a tough business. There is a lot of competition and it’s becoming harder to generate traffic.

This article will have the best tips to grow your affiliate marketing revenue.

1.    Choose a product that you has your interestpassion-for-selling-your-product-affiliate-marketing

The biggest mistake people make when starting with affiliate marketing is they choose a product or service with a massive audience and a large commission. For example, fat loss or casino related products. To gain traffic for these products is extremely difficult because the market is crowded with affiliate marketeers and a lot of them are experienced.

Pick a product that you like a and were the market isn’t as crowded with other affiliate marketeers. This is also called picking a niche market, you have a much higher chance to get traffic and results from organic search  (high positions in the search engines) and social media.


2.   Have a plan for traffic generation

Promoting a product without traffic is like having a store without customers. And no traffic/customers means no revenue.

Make sure you have a plan of action for generating traffic. One of the best ways to generate traffic is to achieve a high positions in the search engines with terms terms (keywords) related to the product you’re promoting. Another way is trough social media. So, make sure you have a plan.


3.   Learn, test, research

Like any business it is important to keep improving yourself and your business. Here are a couple of forums you can go to. Make sure you engage, share your experience and ask questions.

Without measurement you can’t optimize your campaigns, so be sure to track your visitors your clicks and other important metrics to improve your affiliate marketing campaign.


4.   Be relevant

When starting a campaign to promote a product, make sure you stay relevant to the subject of the product. A lot of times people produce content that has a connection with the product but isn’t really relevant. Try to stay focused on the product and create relevant content. Not only will you get better targeted visitors, your visitors will convert more because the information is more relevant.


5.   Choose a proved selling product

One of the most made mistakes in affiliate marketing is starting affiliate marketeers who choose a product with no proven sales records. Try to find a product or method that already proved to be successful. For example, the affiliate marketing company clickbank has a metric they call gravity, the higher the gravity to more likely the product is going to sell.

In the image below you can see two products from the same category with a different gravity-score. In this case the higher the score, the higher the change the product is going to convert.



6.   Don’t quit

Among the above made mistakes in affiliate marketing belongs this one. Don’t give up, it can be a very time and energy consuming process to setup a campaign/ website promote a product and generating traffic. And most of the time it takes a while before you really get enough traffic to convert the product you’re promoting. But the key is to keep going and don’t quit. Like any other business, you have to keep going and believe in your plan/ campaign. If something doesn’t work, test and modify your affiliate marketing campaign and keep repeating that process until you succeed.




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