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4 Websites Mistakes you Must Avoid

I have been involved in Internet marketing since the world-wide-web began and I consider myself to be an Internet marketing expert. From my experience helping clients build successful websites, I have learned what works and what does not work when selling on the Internet. To help you avoid costly mistakes, I have listed what I have found to be the biggest Internet marketing mistakes.

Using Flash

If your website is one big Flash presentation, you are making a huge mistake! Why? Because consumers go to your website to seek information, not to watch an “I’m so cool” Flash presentation. Ask yourself, when you go to a website, do you sit there and watch their ego-building Flash presentation or do you click the “skip flash” link to get to the real information? If you are like most people, you click the “skip flash intro” link as quickly as you can find it.

Another major problem with Flash is that it is only  works on a visitors first visit. If they actually return to your website, they will do everything they can to skip your Flash presentation so they can quickly get to the information they want. In my experience nothing kills Internet sales more than Flash.

That is why you almost never see the world’s top websites like Google, MSN, and Yahoo using Flash as the basis for their web pages. If you are making this mistake, get rid of the Flash immediately and make your website a valuable source of information, because that is what consumers want.

But the biggers reason to stay away from Flash is that it’s dying. Google Chrome has hinted in the releases of Chrome that it doesn’t like Flash Adobe announced in july 2018 that it will stop updating flash in 2020.

Copy writing

Letting your web developer write the text for your website. This is another huge mistake that companies make. On nearly a daily basis I get a call from a company that has spent a fortune building a website and they cannot understand why they are not generating any sales. My first question is, “who did your website copy writing?” In nearly every case they tell me their web developer wrote it.

Why is it a mistake to have your web developer write your website marketing text? Here is a hint: web developers are programmers, NOT a professional marketing copywriter who know how to write text that sells. If you want your website to generate sales, you must hire a person who is an excellent copywriter and knows how to write words that make people want to buy!

Would you hire your web developer to write a display advertisement for you? Of course not! Then why on earth would you allow them to write the text for your website? By having your web developer write the text for your website, you are ensuring your website will be a poor sales tool. To solve this problem, hire a professional marketing copywriter to write the text for your website.

Bad user experience

Making your website hard to navigate. Have you ever been to a website where you have to click on various generic graphics or parts of a flash picture to try and find a link to the information you are looking for? Why on earth do companies do this? It is not fun, it is not clever, it is not smart and can be very annoying!

When designing your website’s navigation (links to information) use the acronym K.I.S.S., which stands for Keep It Simple Stupid! Simple sells. Complex does not. If your web developer tries to sell you on using parts of a Flash picture for links or some other complex navigation system, you will do yourself a favor looking for a new web-developer!

Contact information

Not having a telephone number on your website. People rarely trust companies that do not have a telephone number. I certainly don’t. If I am considering buying a product from a website and they do not have a telephone number, I don’t buy. And I know others feel the same way.

For example, I have had several clients hire to develop their marketing program because I had a telephone number on my website and the other marketing consultant websites they were looking at did not. Therefore, if you want customers to buy from you, make it easy for them to contact you by having a telephone number on your website.

In fact, you should have your telephone number on EVERY page of your website. If you want to make sales on the Internet, make it easy for your customers to buy.

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